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TSU’s gaming wrap for 2015…

22 Dec

Well obviously I will start with LOTRO…

It has been announced that LOTRO in 2016 plans to increase the level cap  to 105… as well as getting to ‘THE BLACK GATES!’

Yeah an odd number that but stretches that finishing line for my RK Tsukuld to 20 levels away…

I have just moved from expansive ‘quinta’ with swimming pool to tiny inner-city apartment. Kids will be getting full time education next year, wife may be able to start working again and maybe at last this will turn the family direction in a positive way… Argentinian inflation and economic woes have stymied our comfortable dream! Now no more hour n a half commutes to work… I can walk in 30 mins 🙂 No more rising before dawn to grab an hour of LOTRO before 3 hours of travelling, 9 hours of working, to return to family duties and eventual sleep (if lucky!).

I hope to have more time for gaming and life in general. The kids will miss the pool this summer but will be able to join clubs (kung fu starts tonight:)), visit museums, get out and about and meet people. Me, myself and I as well!

So my wife’s computer has now been repaired to be picked up soon. LOTRO to be installed and played again…yippee, Withy has now opened server transfer… my kin is active and busy by the sound of it on Laurelin.

CoC my commute diversion since latest update has got more grindy…th8 and playing is mostly like running through mud… it still has its moments but am far from interesting in playing… more an idle thought lolling in the background.

My kids have got me into MARVEL Contest of Champions on the ipad (gift from my mum :)) …fun to gained from basic fighter… has rekindled my interest in Marvel superheroes… my comic collection, inheritance in trust for the kids, locked half a world away in my Mum’s attic, pined after. Am tempted to also install MARVEL HEROES MMO on the PC as well, to be played with the kids right, who am I kidding…the wife! LOL

And EVE… what of that glorious space game that instigated me to create a second blog… I hope to get back into space at some point, let’s see how my new found gaming time goes.

I also have an invite to join HeadBurro in GW which may just run on the new improved computer…

Anyway, in these festive times here are some tunes to celebrate the higher level cap:

U2 Elevation

Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

Cypress Hill – I Wanna Get High

Erma Franklin-Higher And Higher

Marvin Gaye – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


May be treating myself to a new BMX this Xmas… (its been 10 years since I last had one) …so I can hop to work…

BMX bunny hopping…HIGH!


And 2016 is already just around the corner…

Who knows where the time goes – Fairport Convention




11 Aug

When life is too busy to complete your projects its time to cut back and relax…right?

NOT in TSU’s world…

LOTRO play is minimal, slow crawl to server mergers has started…

Opopa LOTRO fan-fiction bogged down in devilish philosophical detail…Chapter 3 is over a week late…it will BE, it will!

Doodlings from my commute to work have been pushed aside by inane Clash of Clans android play… JUST STOP!

My Eve Online play has sunk into the depths of minor skill tweeking… and creative doodles in response have also started to decrease… Rixx my online muse has also taken a vacation, I’m confident it will pick up again soon…

WORK has got super busy, and will only get worse on the run up to Xmas… 1 QC editor left and 1 on placement to New York! OK that’s not healthy!

So it’s time to get that illustrated Ork poem done… !

Draft digi doodles to base drawings on have started to coalesce out of my head…

ork on my fork

Oh yeah, Mork the Ork on my fork is BACK!


There is an ork on my fork
Is a bit of a dork
Called Mork from York
Feeds off pork and cork
At work likes to roar “Rork!”
That ork on my fork
Worked forking pork
Not po’kin and fo’kin cork
For k, (in Spanish, ‘por k’
Porque? no se!) Wor’ k! Cor! k!
That ork on my fork
Forked tongue ork twisted
Torked norking sork zork
Korky oorky gorky tork
Borkin’ mad that Ork
On my Fork

LOTRO: BEWARE Shrew droppings!

15 Jul


The introduction of Giant shrew pet obviously has its downsides! Unfortunately for Tsukuld not a very pleasant downside!

Tsukuld had been busy wrapping up Thornhope in Entwash, only Unbridled Wrath left to do when I decided it was time to dump some of the junk that had collected in his bags… which led to tasks been handed in and an LI being deconstructed and finally to checking out the post box, I have been away from LOTRO playing EVE the last month and a half and wow my alts have been returning unopened mail by the cart load! So it was time to start the old inventory shuffle, best place for that is crafting hall in Bree…

And then it was time for work…not exactly exciting but needed.

Oh and THX for Taltoz’s small parcel of relics…always find a use for them.

LOTRO: Hunting for the Bog…

26 Jun



Orangey! Tsudryt, “A bog slayer a day keeps the madness away!”

So tempted to take a break from space adventures and get back to LOTRO…


24 Jun


My extended stay in EVE Online has delayed my return to LOTRO, it’s been a refreshing break but I am getting LOTRO withdrawal symptoms so I will be needing to organize at least 1 day a week for some serious LOTRO’ing soon!

Tsukuld looking up at the stars…somewhere out there Thursday TSU is flying around!

LOTRO: Hobbit Poppin Only!

8 Jun

My new gaming regime is suffering immensely, the stresses and strains of RW and family life, in fact I find my work more flexible in regards to my blogging needs than my wife and kids are to my gaming needs. Instead of my old 13.5 hrs ish of gaming a week I just had a week of about 7 hours!

So having just started to wet my toes into deeply immersive EVE Online I am left with negative playtime for LOTRO and this is a shame as I am finding out that I love both games (at least so far) and they provide different rewards.

EVE is only winning as it has a 30 day free trial period that is slowly ticking away…indeed after technical issues to begin with and RW family time I think I am halfway through the free time with only 5 days of limited gaming!

During this period I have popped into LOTRO for free hobbit presents and to say hi to kinnies…

LOTRO is obviously a game I ‘know’ and can jump straight into, whereas EVE is at the moment, and as I keep discovering, a bottomless hole of stuff to learn. The LOTRO reward is obvious and almost immediate and the EVE reward is in slow, sometimes painful, realizations and occasional ‘Eureka’ moments. After 5 days in EVE I have yet to finish the tutorial and I have been known to complain of LOTRO’s tutorial and starter area which can be blasted through within an hour at most!

I will be back in LOTRO sooner rather than later, the breath of fresh air or more appropriately the emptiness of vacuum, is reinforcing my love of LOTRO.

So Tsu will continue to boldly go where no Tsu has gone before whether it be outta space or in Middle Earth…

EVE: PLEXing for Charity…

28 May

Scott Manley, I wonder if that’s a real name! His accent reminds me of home which is odd as I am a half Welsh Yorkshireman but is indicative of the lovely diverse nature of British life 🙂 Here an EVE player demonstrating his humanitarian side in RW while maintaining his hard-boiled in game persona!

And here is a nice vid on things to know before starting:

Good stuff, as soon as I can I will be tinkering with settings to try and run again on my wife’s computer…before my 30 day trail ends… I am also contemplating trying to get my original char created 7 years ago and forgotten unfrozen by contacting support…

And finally another EVE guide for getting started for beginners…

Crossing my fingers will be getting into EVE soon…not in the biblical sense of course that would really piss my wife off and probably if did survive I would not be able to play any game for quite some time let alone be allowed to play….

EVE: Outta Space and Raven

27 May

The Ancient Gaming Noob continues to excite me with his EVE online coverage: this time a post about Ravens!

It all kinda frustrates me as another attempt to get outta space failed, due to my RW hardware but this old tune by one of my fav bands, The Prodigy, popped into my head:

and thereafter another fav band, The Stranglers:


Fly Straight With Perfection
Find Me A New Direction
You Never Realised The Things They Say
We’ll Never Realise Until We’re Dead
The Fires They Burn Along The Coast Of Triumphs
The Ebony Embittered Souls Of Children
We’ll Seek Another Way Before Too Long
But Will You Stop My Wind Before I’m Gone
And When You Find Me All Alone
Your World Has Never Been My Own
And When You Find Me
And When You Find Me All Alone
Your World Has Never Been My Own
My Friend Your Black And When You Fly You’re Wild
I Am White Sometimes I Behave Just Like A Child
The Northern Seas Are Cold But They’re Our Own
We’ll Sail Your Southern Seas Before Too Long
When I Was A Viking
My Friend He Was The Raven
The Stranglers – “The Raven”

EVE: New dawn coming…

26 May

From March 2, 2013–January 20, 2014 it was part of an installation at MoMA,

Last time I actually registered with EVE was in 2008… I wonder if my promo 14 days free was used?

I suppose I will find out in the near future…

First things first I must get back onto my wife’s computer! I wonder if flowers will buy the kind of access EVE will probably demand?

Meanwhile I will watch the video of the book on the ART OF EVE…

So far so good I have managed to reset my login password….