LOTRO: LPN and Beer Brains!

6 May


LOTRO PLAYER NEWS will soon have its 100th episode! The new hosts have settled in well and a very good fun dynamic has now developed. Go listen to them having fun…


Episode 95 led to a comment from myself which was commented upon in episode 96 which I have since commented upon again…leading to this posting…TSU is never one to simplify life!

IN ep95 Pineleaf suggested that Orks were to blame for the deforestation of Mirkwood…

I blame TURBINE myself for not growing enough trees in the first place…

Pineleaf suggested:
‘That orks chopped trees.’
Ork on a Fork in denial,
Pines and leaves…

I gave the team all a beer (see below) but this led to confusion, really from me…HA HA!

Beer name explanations fit inducing?

Tsu word play is odd I must admit
Beer names explained would induce a fit
Don’t search for sense in senselessness
Don’t seek inebriation in normalness
But merriment and enlightenment
Can be found in Lotro Player a’news’ment…


Useful links:



Arathaert Ale

Like an arrow to the heart: powerful brew.

Ara                         = arrow

Heart                     = heart 🙂

Karvett Stout

Pour this beer on your collar: a truly distinctive beer

Karvatt                 = cravat (forerunner of the modern tie, a band of material wrapped around the neck)

= caveat – ‘a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.’

Maven Beer

A hearty beer that hits one in the stomach quite expertly

Maven                  = maven (MAY-vin), from Yiddish, means a super-enthusiastic expert/fan/connoisseur.

Mave                    = stomach in Danish…

Teriadwyn Ale

A pale ale which requires bravery to drink

Wyn Derived from Welsh ‘gwyn’ meaning “blessed, white, fair”.

And closest Welsh name I could find: Terrwyn means brave.

Pineleaf Lager

Piney with a fresh yet sharp hint of forest that prickles the tongue.

Pine                       = piney, associate with forest… pine leaves in a drink would tickle the tongue…

Andang Ale

A red ale, almost flaming beer, with a spicy finish.

Andang I think from CSTM where it was explained that it was Malay for flame… and spicy is just indicative of burn induced…finish is ‘Finish’ The sense and perception of the beer after swallowing.

Lilikate Lager

A beer with melodic mix of italian grappa and london gin overtones, and a tricky tinki hidden in the background.

Melodic                = she likes her music, Italian and London flavours due to her links to Italy and GB, and of course where does tinki come from…


Drac elA

A bloody punch in the face of a beer

Ela                          = ale reversed and

Drac’e’la              = drac’u’la ,

Braxwolf Porter

A dark ale which imparts the beneficial qualities of the hair of the wolf that bit you the night before, before making you run off to howl at the moon!

Hair of the dog is a hangover remedy where the guilty party(beer) is imbued again to remove after effects of too much consumption the night before…oh and wolves howl at moons!

Ethelros Ale

A brainy beer from Wales, not a pale imitation. Made from coals in da valleys!

Brains is a popular beer in Wales, sponsors the Walsh Rugby team. Coal industry was once a mainstay in the valleys of Wales! Made from Coals in da valleys is a play on ‘Made from girders by Barrs’ for Iron Bru, a Scottish soft drink!


Tsu Ale

A complex dark ale, hoppy and cloying yet zesty!

Cloying A beer with a sticky or sickly sweet character that is not balanced. Often associated with too much malt or not enough hops to balance

Hoppy Having the character of hops. It can refer to high hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. Hop aromas can range from flowery to fruity, to herbal, but aromas should be clean and fragrant. Hop Flavors have a wide range as well. Bitterness should be clear, clean and sharp

Zesty A beer with noticeable active carbonation.

Complex A beer that gives a perception of being multi-layered in terms of flavors and aromas.

Basically TSU is sticky(cant get rid of easily), hoppy (all over the place), zesty (full of life) and complex (yeah it will mess wit ya heads it will!)

Tsu’s previous beer posts





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